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Hi. My name is Jorge and I can tell you that. . .

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But I'm not going to bore you with the details or tell you how I've done this or that. Know why? Because you really don't give a rat's behind anyway. All you really want to know is "HOW CAN I HELP YOU, RIGHT?!"

Ok, well I'm going to tell you exactly how I can help you and what you need to do in order to become successful with your ONLINE BUSINESS.

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When I first came across this course written by renowned, high profit, marketing wizard and author Bob Serling, my whole perception of what I thought online marketing was all about changed drastically and dramatically, for the better I might add, bringing on the satisfaction of finally;

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What good is having a great, fantastic web page, a super product or service, if you don't know how to market that product or service properly? And if you can't write a compelling piece to market yourself properly, do you think anyone is going to know, much less care that you have something to offer?

This powerful new course will show you, step-by-step, EVERYTHING you need to know to craft the tightest, toughest copy imaginable. Copy that sells and sells -- and sells some more! It's called:

How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces.

This course is unlike anything you have ever seen. Let me ask you this. Does every ad, sales letter, and web marketing piece you create produce the results you're really after? Are they as profitable as you'd like them to be?

Even if your ads and sales letters are doing all right... even if you're squeezing out a few sales on the Internet... wouldn't you like to increase your results by as much as 9 or 10 times?

As spectacular as this might sound, one of Bob Serling's clients did just that. Using what I'm about to show you, he increased his profits by 917% (it's all documented later in this letter.) And many more of Mr.Serling's clients increased their profits by 300% or more. How did they achieve such stellar results? Actually, the answer is quite simple. If you want to improve your sales and profits exponentially, the secret to doing it is:

More Powerful Concepts And Copy

It's just that simple. Look, I don't care how great your product or service is, how attractive your art work may be, what list you're using, what SEO software you're using, how inexpensively you can reach thousands of prospects on the web, or how unique any other component of your advertising might be.

The bottom line is this: If you don't do an exceptional job of motivating your prospects to take immediate action... if you bore them for one second... if you confuse them... or don't do the strongest job possible of closing them once you have their attention...

You're Cheating Yourself Out Of All The Profits You Could Potentially Be Earning!

I'm sure you know from experience that this is absolutely true. Haven't you run an ad or mailed a sales letter you were sure would sell like crazy, or create a webpage with what you thought was "pretty good copy", only to have it fail dismally?

Mr.Serling knows this painful outcome is all too familiar. Because a full 90% of his clients tell him they've been through this.

Hold on. Maybe you're thinking, "So what. This doesn't really apply to me. I do most of my marketing on the Internet. And since it doesn't cost me anything to advertise, everything I make is pure profit."

Unfortunately, that kind of mushy thinking is killing your sales. While it's true that it doesn't cost much to market on the Internet, the real problem is the. . .

Competition for Customers is Staggering.

Right now, there are over 650+ MILLION WEB SITES ON THE INTERNET, with millions more coming on daily. What that means is you're in an all-out war for "share of mind." Just getting people to discover your web site, much less pay any real attention to it, is an enormous challenge.

Bottom line, ask yourself this question: "If Internet marketing costs so little, how come I'm not making more money with my web marketing?" Mr. Serling knows from what his clients tell him that the vast majority of people marketing on the Internet are getting lukewarm results at best.

In addition to reporting poor response and results with their online and offline marketing, his clients also tell him they wish they were much better copywriters. Or, that they wish they knew more about how to effectively judge and improve the copy they get from their copywriters.

Here's A Brief History And The Facts Behind Mr. Serling's Own Good Fortune

Mr. Serling built on his experience selling computer-related books and started writing advertising copy for other technical products. Then, he phased into writing direct mail copy for all kinds of products.

After a while, he realized he was still a slave to the clock. There were only so many hours in a day to write copy. And that restricted his income.

Again, Mr.Serling capitalized on what he already knew. This time, he created a book to teach business owners all the secrets he'd learned as a copywriter on how to sell more of their products and services.

Once Bob quit focusing on making other people rich with his copywriting -- once he started selling his own products, it was like living in another world.

For example, Mr. Serling took the first few sales of one of his early products and piggybacked that into a lucrative "joint venture" with a prominent marketing company. Then he piggybacked those sales into a high-ticket seminar. In just a few months, that handful of sales was converted into an income of $74,259.

His other success include...

  • Mr. Serling recently took the software business he built and sold it for $6.2 million in just 17 months. And that’s typical of the results he achieves!

  • Mr. Serling has authored five marketing courses, including direct marketing classics like "Maximum Profit Direct Marketing," "Maximum Profit Copy Clinic," "Power Copywriting for the Internet," he has developed the revolutionary "reverse marketing system," and he has taught his strategies to literally tens of thousands of people.

  • IBM, Deloitte Consulting, Ford, Amgen, Anheiser-Busch, the United States Air Force, and Squibb Pharmaceuticals are just a small handful of the companies who have done business with him.

  • Mr. Serling's services as a marketing consultant are in high demand as his strategies and techniques produce dramatic results, often increasing clients' sales by double, triple... even as much as 917%!

  • Every week, people call him with loads of projects he'd love to work on, but just can't fit into an already full schedule. He was recently contacted by a major New York publishing house to see if he'd accept an advance to write a book for them.

  • Mr. Serling is asked to speak before business groups and at seminars all over the country. But he rarely does this because he doesn't want to work more than 30 hours per week.

  • Best of all, Mr. Serling can live anywhere he chooses, work any hours he wants, and dress any way he pleases. Plus, he completely controls his own ability to make as much money as he wants. He has made as much as $61,400 in a single day... more than most people earn in a single year!

That's Mr. Serling's Story. How Does This Affect YOU?!!

Why am I telling you all of this? Look, I don't want you to say, "Yeah, well, that's him. How can I do that?"


And it's true that everybody will have different results based on how they apply the techniques from the course.

And I don't know you and your working habits either. You need lots more than just an education. You must possess beliefs like the BURNING DESIRE to succeed. All that will vary from person to person.

But if you apply yourself and follow the instructions of the course manual, I can say without a doubt and point out to you how quickly a snowball can turn into an avalanche when you understand these powerful copywriting techniques.

Here's How To Put An End To Poor Results And Start Increasing Your Sales And Profits Right Away!!

If you'd like to put an end to the dismal results you've been getting...

If you'd like to be able to write the kind of copy that makes products disappear off the shelves and sell services like crazy...

If you'd like to supercharge the performance of every ad, sales letter, or web marketing piece you create, then I've got great news for you.

This course is unlike anything you've ever seen. Because Bob teamed up with 22 of the most sought-after copywriting and marketing experts in the country to show you, step-by-step exactly how they created some of their most successful marketing pieces.

Each of these experts, gives you a blow-by-blow account of precisely how they conceive and create winning ads, sales letters, and web marketing pieces.

They reveal the secrets they use to develop powerful hooks and strategies that drive winning campaigns...

They track each piece, block by block, and show you precisely how each block was created to deliver maximum sales...

They leave no stone unturned, and literally spill every INSIDER SECRET you could ever want for packing more selling power into every ad, sales letter and web marketing piece you create.

Stop Risking Your Valuable Time, Effort, And Money On Ineffective Marketing...

Put 23 Leading Experts On Your Team
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Why spin your wheels with weak, ineffective concepts and copy? Marketing is much too time-consuming and expensive to risk getting poor results.

Here's the "DREAM TEAM" of the Internet Marketing Universe!!

Now there's a better way. Because now you can "team up" with 23 of the most successful marketing experts in the world and use their inside secrets to maximize the selling power of every ad, sales letter, and web marketing piece you create.

Experts like...

Karen Anderson
Gary Halbert
Brad Petersen
Don Bice
Dr. P. Hartunian
Russ Phelps
Bob Bly
Don Hauptman
Murray Raphel
Larry Chase
Dan Kennedy
Bob Serling
Marty Chenard
Dr. Audri Lanford
Joe Vitale
Declan Dunn
Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Brian Keith Voiles
T. Harv Eker
Ted Nicholas
Pamela Yellen
Randy Gage
Mike Pavlish

I'm so excited and pleased to announce this comprehensive new resource that's packed with the proven strategies of all these leading experts. Each expert painstakingly lays out the complete details of some of their most successful marketing campaigns -- space ads, direct mail campaigns, and Internet marketing.

This IS explosive and groundbreaking stuff my friends. They tear each piece down block-by-block and show you what they were thinking, the strategy that drives the piece, and every last detail on how the piece was created.

"This Next Paragraph is Very Powerful. Please Try and Understand This One"

Why is this so beneficial to you? Because the experience learned from many years of expensive trials and errors, finds that the fastest, easiest, safest way to lock into success is to...

Model Someone Who Is
Already Successful.

But the problem is, you can't just model anybody. Not if you want to ensure your own success. You have to model the absolute cream of the crop -- the "DREAM TEAM", those experts who have proven themselves over and over again in the only place where it really counts: in the market place.

That's what How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces gives you. Access to the insider strategies and marketing secrets of the top experts at creating space ads, direct mail campaigns, and web marketing pieces. Here's what you'll find in this powerful resource:

This is what you'll get, SECTION BY SECTION!

Section 1: How To Write Million Dollar Sales Copy

There are a lot of courses on writing copy. Some good, some completely useless. What makes this section (and the entire course) so different than all the other books and courses on writing copy is this:

When Mr. Serling decided to create this course, instead of basing it on what he thought should be in a book on successful marketing and copywriting, he let his clients tell him what would help them the most.

Here's what he discovered. Mr. Serling's clients told him they can recognize a good or even great ad when they see one. But they don't know what makes it great. And what they really wanted was to have a copywriter dissect an ad, block-by-block, to show precisely what they were thinking when they wrote every component.

And that's what makes this course so different, so much more immediately useful than any other book you've ever seen on creating hard-hitting marketing and copy.

Each piece is broken down to its finest detail so you can model it right away in your own successful marketing campaigns.

However, in addition to these "guided tours" of successful ads, sales letters, and web marketing pieces, I've also included Mr.Serling's special 30-page guide to writing powerful copy. This will give you a foundation for everything that follows. Here are the components you'll find in this guide:

  1. Lock in greater sales with these 4 Major Selling Principles. Getting your prospects and customers to take the action you want is much easier when you understand and apply these 4 powerful principles. Any one of them can propel your sales to new levels. Combined, they're unbeatable!

  2. Increase the selling power of all your marketing and copy by creating maximum response offers. I'll let you in on a major secret. In today's market, your offer makes or breaks your success. Crafting a powerful, highly profitable offer is easy when you understand how. You'll get comprehensive details on how to do just that and start enjoying greater sales volume right away.

  3. Pump up your profits with my Maximum Response Marketing Power Formula. This is the 14-step "recipe" Mr.Serling uses to create all of his own copy. You'll get detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating highly profitable ads, sales letters, and web marketing with minimum effort.

Next you'll discover how you can apply everything you've learned. To immediately put this information to practical use, you get complete annotated versions of some of Mr.Serling's most successful marketing pieces. This includes two space ads, a postcard mailer, a sales letter, and a web marketing piece. Each block of each piece is numbered and explained, block-by-block, in complete detail.

This "working tour" of the five sales pieces leaves no stone unturned. You'll see precisely how each piece was created, what structure was used, and the logic behind each critical decision. More importantly, you'll be able to take the lessons from each piece and apply them to your own copy for maximum results.

By the way, earlier I told you about a client of Mr. Serling's who increased his profits by 917% using these techniques. And many other clients who increased their sales by 300% or more. They achieved these results just with the strategies and techniques you get in Section 1.

Here Are The Results Mr.Serling's Client's Reported In Their Own Words:

"You immediately increased our profits on one project by a very real 917%!"

Phil Kratzer, CEO
National Response Corporation

"Bob Serling's copy is always on target. He's never failed to get results. In a way, I hate to let the secret out, because I know that good news travels fast!"

Marla Covin, Senior Account Executive
Schroffel & Associates

"Bob Serling made copy changes for our catalog. The results were phenomenal. When you consider how much money Mr.Serling actually made for us, his services are one of the best bargains I've ever come across."

Ray Melissa, President
Mailer's Software Catalog

"You increased our sales by a whopping 328%!"

Bruce Elliott, President
The Gold And Diamond Center

With those kind of results in mind -- just from Section 1 -- let's take a look at how much more you can expect to gain.

Section 2: The Headline Clinic

Powerful headlines are crucial to the success of any marketing piece. Since you only have a few seconds to seize your reader's attention and convince them to keep reading your ad or sales letter, you'd better be able to stop them in their tracks. So Bob's devoted an entire section to making sure you have all the tools you'll ever need to create successful headlines.

For this clinic, Bob Serling is joined by Bob Bly, T. Harv Eker, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Brad Petersen, Joe Vitale, and Brian Keith Voiles to show you everything you need to create the kind of headlines that get optimum results.

You'll discover what's crucial to include in every headline, what to absolutely avoid, and ethical ways to "swipe" winning headlines from other ads and sales letters. When you're done with this section, you'll be a master at creating headlines that sell much more of what you have to offer.

Section 3: 20 Leading Experts Take You On A Step-By-Step Tour Of Some Of Their Most Profitable Promotions

This section is packed with powerful examples of ads, sales letters, and web marketing pieces that have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services. Each piece has proven itself many times over in the marketplace. There is no textbook theory, no wishful thinking, no fluff or filler. It's all hard-hitting, proven strategies and copy you can start using today to create your own winning sales pieces.

20 of the top marketing experts in the country reveal their trade secrets for creating marketing and copy that produces exceptional results. Each piece is broken down block-by-block and numbered. Then each numbered block is dissected and laid out in complete detail. You see the strategy each expert used, the techniques, offers, guarantees, risk reversals... and every other component that makes these pieces produce such powerful results.

Nothing is left to the imagination. By the time you're done with these guided tours, you'll have all the tools you'll ever need for creating marketing that produces substantial results. Take a look at what you get in this innovative section:

  1. Karen Anderson. How to use endorsed copy and offers to create an explosion of sales on the Internet.

  2. Don Bice. Inside secrets of a sales letter that's pulled in steady profits month after month for more than 10 years. Plus a powerful sales letter for a business opportunity.

  3. Bob Bly. A sales letter demonstrating how to sell technical workshops by the master of business-to-business marketing.

  4. Larry Chase. A powerful press release that brought in thousands of subscribers to Larry's online newsletter. This is a masterful example of using the hook of a free service to drive a lot of traffic to your web site.

  5. Marty Chenard. How to use postcard mailings and an ingeniously simple sampling technique to win paid subscribers to a newsletter.

  6. Declan Dunn. How to sell a high-ticket product on the Internet. Declan obliterates the myth that only low-cost items can be sold online.

  7. Randy Gage. Randy's powerful space ad that made his book on multilevel marketing a best seller. Plus a sales letter that shows you how proper bending of traditional marketing rules can produce exceptional results.

  8. Dr. Paul Hartunian. Secrets for creating low-cost inserts that produce impressive profits. Paul reveals how to create a substantial six-figure income with this simple technique.

  9. Don Hauptman. Don is known the world over for his classic headline and campaign "Speak Spanish [French, German, etc.] Like a Diplomat!" that sold tens of millions of dollars worth of language courses. He shares a new space ad that's being used to sell a famous information product.

  10. Dan Kennedy. In this spectacularly successful direct mail letter, Dan demonstrates how the magic of the word "free" coupled with an almost too-good-to-be-true offer moves a lot of product.

  11. Dr. Audri Lanford. Does long copy sell? You bet it does. Discover how Audri uses a 30-page "reportlet" to create a large volume of sales.

  12. Dr. Jeffrey Lant. No-holds-barred advice from a marketing legend on how to make the Internet and e-mail marketing produce impressive profits.

  13. Ted Nicholas. The latest space ad from the man who has sold over $200,000,000 worth of books through his mastery of creating compelling space ads.

  14. Mike Pavlish. Discover the inside secrets of selling through magalogs, the format all major newsletter publishers rely on to build huge volumes of subscribers.

  15. Brad Petersen. Here's a problem everyone wishes they had. Brad explains the 2-page space ad he created for a client that sold so many pool cues, they couldn't produce enough product to fill all the orders and had to stop running the ad!

  16. Russ Phelps. Discover the secrets of successful tear-sheet mailings by one of the most successful copywriters in the country.

  17. Murray Raphel. Marketing legend Murray Raphel reveals a 1-page letter he created that sold over 5,000 copies of a hardcover book.

  18. Joe Vitale. Master copywriter Joe Vitale shows how he breaks all the rules and uses a simple, 2-page letter to sell a $795 product. Plus, he reveals his secret for creating "publicity style copy" to make impressive sales with e-mail marketing.

  19. Brian Keith Voiles. How a simple postcard mailing brings in a phenomenal $26.97 for every dollar invested in marketing.

  20. Pamela Yellen. These space ads focus on two-step "upgrade selling" -- using a free or low-cost report to identify prospects, then selling them high-ticket items through the report. A powerful weapon to add to your marketing arsenal.

Here's How To Start Making All Your Ads, Sales Letters And Web Marketing Pieces Major Winners

Getting started couldn't be any easier. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, this course will give you a powerful arsenal of tools for improving the results of all your marketing.

Mr. Serling created this course with the specific intention of getting you on a fast track to highly successful ads, sales letters, and web marketing. Let's take a look at the details of what's included.

The course is packed with everything I've just described above. You get a massive manual with all three sections:

  1. How To Write Million Dollar Sales Copy

  2. The Headline Clinic

  3. 20 Leading Experts Take You On A Step-by-Step Tour Of Some Of Their Most Profitable Promotions

But that's just the start. For this very special edition, I've also included 3 exceptional bonuses that Mr.Serling created. I'm doing everything I possibly can to make this the ultimate package for your marketing and copywriting success. Here are the bonuses and the advantages they give you:

FREE Bonus #1: Inside Secrets To Marketing On The Internet

This bonus consists of audio interviews on a CD with three leading experts on Internet marketing and copywriting. Mr.Serling conducted separate interviews with Dr. Audri Lanford, Joe Vitale, and Declan Dunn on how to make all of your Internet marketing more profitable.

Here's just a portion of what you'll get:

  • The best ways to drive major traffic to your web site

  • The single most important marketing method for succeeding on the Internet

  • Incredibly effective low-cost and no-cost marketing techniques

  • How online copy differs from traditional copy -- if you don't follow some basic rules, you're wasting your time and money

  • The best ways to structure an online offer

  • Hard facts on what sells and what doesn't sell online

  • Impressive success stories of companies you've never heard of

  • Common mistakes to avoid

  • How to cash in with affiliate programs

  • What the future holds for Internet marketing

...and much, much more.

This CD-ROM will be priced at $75 when it's sold on it's own. But it's yours free with the "How to Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters and Web Marketing Pieces" course.

FREE Bonus #2: The 8 Key Secrets To Consistently Getting Tons Of Free Publicity -- And How To Use It To Send Your Sales Through The Roof

Free publicity can be, and is a powerful tool for growing your business. Not just because it's free, but for the tremendous credibility that comes with media coverage. The good news is, getting all of the free publicity you need is a game. The only problem is, the rules of the game haven't been clearly stated -- until now.

This bonus report will give you a professional publicist's arsenal of tools for winning all of the free publicity your business needs. You'll find out how to create a simple, powerful publicity plan, what to do to easily double or triple the amount of coverage you get, and a wealth of hot tips and techniques for converting publicity to increased sales.

This report normally sells for $25. But it's yours free when you purchase the course.

FREE Bonus #3: A Special Interview With Marketing Legend Ted Nicholas

If you've been around direct marketing at all, Ted Nicholas' name is familiar to you. Ted's success with space ads and direct mail is legendary. He has single-handedly created campaigns that have sold well over 400 million dollars worth of books for his company. He is actually called the "4 Billion Dollar Man". Can you dig it? $4 Billion Dollars?

A few years ago, Mr.Serling was able to interview Ted for an hour. The interview yielded a 21-page report called, Ted Nicholas: Self-Publishing And Copywriting Secrets. In this unique report, Ted shares the secrets of succeeding in self-publishing. Not just as a primary business, but also as a way of generating huge amounts of qualified leads for your existing business. If you don't listen to this guy, something is wrong with you. This alone is worth the price of admission

Then Ted digs in and shares the secrets he's used to create the copy that sold 400 million dollars worth of his books. Some of the topics Ted covers in great detail include...

  • Inside information on creating riveting headlines

  • The secret of writing hypnotic body copy

  • How to price products for maximum sales

  • The secret of the "ultimate benefit"

  • How to test your copy

And more. Quite simply, Ted tells all!

If you want to profit from the experience of one of the most successful direct marketers ever, don't miss this riveting report. A bargain at it's normal selling price of $47, it's yours free with your purchase of the course.

Now considering that the value of the bonuses alone comes in at $147, you might expect to pay in excess of $325 for How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces PLUS all three bonuses. And guess what? You'd be right!.

But I have good news for you. That price isn't even close. I've packed as much value as I possibly can into this exciting package, yet I'm making it available for the extremely reasonable price of just


You're getting the whole course and the included bonuses for $20 less than what you would pay for the bonuses if you were to purchase them separately.

And for that low of an investment to substantially improve the results of all your marketing, only someone brain dead, or not really interested in improving their knowledge would pass this up.


This my friends is the DELUXE VERSION. The price I offer you is for the total deluxe package which includes everything I stated in my letter to you, bonuses and all. This is not another "E-Book" either. It is a 378 page "Bible" of the best marketing education you'll ever come across anywhere! This is the same course used by the "Big Dogs" of the Internet Marketing World and that many of them are selling for $177 and more, and it's worth it at that price.

Now you must be asking yourself, "Then why is Jorge selling this Deluxe Version for a mere $127? Is there something wrong??

No my friends, there is nothing wrong, with me, or the "Best Marketing Course", from the Masters themselves. At the risk of pissing off the "Top Guns" of the Internet world, many I know personally, I decided to cut my profits and sell them to you, my familia, at a price you can afford.

Not everyone can afford $177, or even $150, and since I market to artists, single moms and dads, latino, asian, and caucasian folks who struggle everyday but are trying to better themselves, I want them to benefit as well. You know why? Because I know how difficult it is out there and what it is like to struggle making ends meet. I'm a latino single dad, and it's been a struggle for me all my life, until I discovered the secrets of marketing online.

Now that I'm doing a little better these days, I want to share that and give a helping hand to those who need it the most. If you think I'm racist or weird or whatever, then go buy the course at $177 or $235. It's cool and I'm ok with that. Sure, I'll make less money this way, but I help out people who need a break and you can't put a price tag on that.

How long will I keep my price this low - just $127? However long it takes or until the price of printing goes up. Everything has gone up but I will keep it as low as possible for as long as I can to help you take advantage of this opportunity. I mean, really, if not now, when? When will you make the decision to start your way out of the rat race or that bunk job you have. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. You must not wait too long, ok? Remember. . .

"Those who wait are controlled by fate!"

I want to make this offer for those people that are really serious and intent on making money with their art, product or service. So, for the next

50 4 people

that order my course starting today,

June 16, 2006,

not only will the price for the "DELUXE VERSION" remain

plus FREE shipping,

I'll also include 3 more bonuses on top of the three included that I know YOU'LL really appreciate having and enhancing your business tremendously. Let's look at what they are then.

EXTRA BONUS: #1-A copy of the INSTANT ONLINE TOOLKIT e-book. This has sold for $99 but it's yours FREE when you order today

EXTRA BONUS: #2-An Extra Special Copy of Jay Abraham's The Windfall Profits Paradox: How You Can Build Tremendous Long Term Business Wealth and Success-- Using Short Term “Windfall-Generating Opportunity” Thinking. This report normally sells for $130 and more if you consider Jay's Time to be worth $5000 bucks an hour. This "Special Report" is GOLD!

EXTRA BONUS: #3-Free Issue of Marlon Sander's Growth Magazine-With tips to help you grow your online business.

That's 3 EXTRA BONUSES for those who takes this offer and runs with it. . .all the way to the bank!

So what's in it for you!

Let's recap and realize what this will do for you.

  1. You will own the "Bible" of how to write stunning, spellbinding copy that increases your chances of selling your product or service by as much as 300%. This bible will be by your side as a reference you can use daily in your business.

  2. It will teach you how to write GREAT headlines and sales copy that grabs your reader and almost willing them to pull out their credit card and buying YOUR product or service.

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